Evolution In Action

This channel is home to videos of people who seem to have a great desire to remove themselves from the gene pool or at least cause great bodily harm to themselves as they slowly work their way out of the gene pool.

Downvotes For Adverts

Pay here, play here. Sidebars and pop-ups??-Cool. Any viddies with auto-play, adverts, or shit already paid for with labor-coupons for the pipeline to happiness?... Fuck that noise.

We all have to look at billboards and marquis along beautiful concrete or landscaping rather than interactive bio-organic-mechanized-happy-structures everywhere, all-fucking-day. Why bother here, when all it gleans is some network coke-addict's drivel, an other network-wannabee's aspiring to similar heights of drivel, or other talent-free *Fuckazoids attempting to make you lazier with a buck at-the-same-time for themselves and other cunts who fuck-off doing dick as well by making you stupider ??

It's a vicious goddamn cycle that has to stop somewhere already...GRRRR!

Get ready and please subscribe to a, from-the-hip down-vote attitude for any embedded videos with mandatory adverts. Band + Wagon =

If not ,fuck off I'm gonna do it.

*pending urban dictionary term

"rabble, rabble, rabble..."

Thanks For Silver

To all y'alls, same person as choggie here, raring to play again.

Who wants us pokin' around and who don't? Like to know now before I make too many friends wanna kill me again~

Y'alll figure it out n thanks again, I like postin' shit here n love the banter. Y'all panty-knot folks need more out-of-doors time n we love y'all, too.

Rather not be all edgy n terse with some a you tenured grudge-holders...to tired-out from tryin' too hard-Rather let you children work it out before the embeds get shut the fuck down....

Fuck-all, I simply can't stay unless I can be who I was n will be.

chingaleras' choggie n'up for acceptance or dismissial as assholes with rules see fit.

Cast the first stone and make it count ya posers, yer all kin t'me!!

Apologies to mintbbb and netruiner for all the woes they wern't ready for when I pushed their buttons....(only real remorse left considering the circumcision....Cheers

(anyone with a brain knows who I was here anyhow, thanks for watching, be here all week

VS Gave me VD at the 49th Parallel

I recently woke up in a haze, drenched in sweat. I was surrounded by Internet nerds and cretins of various sizes and trolling abilities. A strainer stared down at me with cold, dead metal eyes. I tried to scream, but was unable. I tried to move my arms, but they were locked in pixelated handcuffs. I felt anxious and unsteady, unwilling to accept the reality that I was, indeed, trapped in a dungeon of hypertext transfer protocol.

Videos of gaseous cats and Moonies spinning around on escalators danced above my head. They flashed away, only to be replaced by more videos of Simpsons clips and Rebecca Black parodies or whatever else was hip with geeks at the moment. I was haunted by threads of incoherent banter and hyperbolic ad hominem arguments. There was no end to the madness.

Suddenly, a beam of light shone across my face and without warning all of the monsters that decended upon me were vaporized. I cast my eyes around the room, but did not see my savior. I was able to free myself from the shackles and I stood, wobbly but craving to escape. Just then, a figure stepped into the doorway. I was ready to run toward it when it said:

"My name is Dag. Suck my balls. LOLcatz!!1"

I knew the end had come. I grabbed a nearby gun and placed it against my head. I pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. I pulled once more, but nothing happened. I tried a third time and the gun oozed sperm out of the end, then giggled and said:

"Blankfist FTW!!!1"

I screamed and threw it to the ground. It shattered into a thousand pieces, each one a slightly smaller version of the original gun. They laughed in unison:

"You cannot destroy that which was never created! We are everlasting! Have you seen Mateo? WTFBBQ?!"

I was losing grip on reality. Nothing made sense. Everything was lost. Hope was gone. Dreams were crushed. And at my wit's end a whimpering voice cried out from the dark corner. It cried:


I found a great video but I fear it might be snuff

and I don't want to be banned...
This is the video:

Starts as comedy and then a guy gets shot in the head with an arrow.

I am not sure of if it is real or fake, I have googled for quite a while but I haven't been able to find anything about it. A person killing another one in a talent show audition should make headlines right?
Perhaps the problem is that I did not search in Cyrillic?
Also if it was snuff wouldn't Youtube have killed it by now?

Or perhaps some Ukrainian or their neighbouring sifters could shed some light on this.
Was it a spoof commercial for the show or something like that?
Or have I been trolled?


One of my favorite shit-stirrers, this cat has contributed quite a bit of wonderful content to the site-Go and dig on the man's fetish for rally racing and horsepower, or check some of the twisted human tricks he has been able to find-Cheers mate, you've been here longer than scribblings on French cave walls, bout time. I predict you will eventually withdraw from society with a Japanese sugar-momma.


Oh, and he's the MC for the upcoming roast of Kulpims as well.....should be fun.


.....to all from choggie who happens to be spending Xmas here on VS watching all the viddies of therealblankman that i up-voted tonightin a wholesale flurry of arrows-up...... Merry Xmas thereal, try not to dump yer bike on the way home....

So as far as votes go on this site the meaning of this post is, "Who and what floats yer fuckin' boat"...bottom-line-Rules or proper decorum be damned, no one around to provide a dissenting opinion otherwise, merry, fucking, Christmas.

Rules, are for the evolutionarily disabled...s'all about adaptation and appropriate response to the same.

VOTE the 8's and 9's outta the queues ya sorry-ass posers!


...of being here waiting for admins to give the user, (formerly known as choggie), some basic, operating power back.
When, boys? Times' a wastin'...Please, take a fucking poll if it helps to speed things along....I will remind the site and all her users, that decisions made here shape the site's future. Anyone who would like to have direct questions from choggie relative to this post answered on this thread.... feel free to ask here.

I remind anyone in the know how patient and long-suffering we are.

Upvote the Good Ol' Days

In the spirit of goodwill and The Order of Brotherly Brownnose, we suggest a reminiscent ejaculatory upvote of a user's pquequed package, as a once and never to be repeated in an as eloquent and acceptable a gesture, action.
For example: I got all wiggly and decided Kulpims deserved some love, and proceeded to blindly upvote EVERYTHING, but only in his non-published area known as pequeuedina (hence the bunch of stuff of his all in the front like he's some god of the fucking universe!!)

I attribute the action to and thank the same for the inspiration, my fellow sifter Blankfist...and westy, and all of you who want to see my motherfucking "P" GONE GOOOODAMMMMMIT!!!!!!


Swell group we have here tonight....Have fun publishing the ramblings of the deranged or otherwise distracted

Appeal From ADX Florence

Hey well-wishers.....Until choggie's probationary status is lifted, he is unable to perform properly and efficiently. Can't re-rase comments from users clogging his personal profile, (some old as dirt, others banal and self-destructive), can't privatize comments (which we can't imagine why this restriction even matters with all the cut-and-pasters and ignorers out there), and he can't FIX DEAD VIDS WITH NEW EMBED CODES-Which is what he would like to do before they die.

Choggie received some auto-generated e-mails this AM from siftbot, reminding that a number of his published viddies are dead-Choggie checked, the embeds are out there for most of them. Perusers with good-intentions or otherwise in their stalwart efforts to keep the sift free of clutter have started a clock-o-tikkin' he is helpless to smash with a hammer.

Would anyone like to help fix some of them??? He would be most gracious, as always, to return the favor in kind once his restrictions are removed.

Eat More Greens,
Mildred Krauthammer, SAC, SPA, NHA

Bizarre act halts court hearing.

Taken from: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090902/NEWS0107/909030307/1163/Bizarre%20act%20halts%20court%20hearing

James Orr put an immediate halt to his criminal trial Wednesday when he squeezed the contents of his colostomy bag onto the table in front of him and ate it. "There was what appeared to be feces on the table and on the floor," assistant Hamilton County prosecutor David Prem said. Prem was prosecuting Orr, 66, for robbery and kidnapping. The trial, without a jury before Common Pleas Court Judge Ethna Cooper, began last week but continued today.

A witness had just taken the stand in the case Wednesday when Norm Aubin, Orr's attorney, said Orr leaned into him and asked if Aubin had anything to eat. A shocked Aubin said he didn't. Orr then said he was hungry and asked for food. Aubin ignored him. That's when Orr made a spectacle of taking his colostomy bag, worn on the outside of his body to collect his waste, and placing it on the table. He then squeezed it and looked to be eating it.

"It appeared he was eating his own (feces) at the table," Aubin said. The Sheriff's deputy in the room shouted "What are you doing?" and then cuffed Orr and rushed him out of the courtroom. The Sheriff's office later reported there was feces on Orr's lips, beard, hands and the defense table where he was sitting.

The judge suggested the courtroom had become a biohazard area and closed it for cleaning, continuing Orr's trial until next week. Prem admitted he almost vomited up while watching Orr's antics but suspects they were done with a purpose. "He's a con man. He has over 50 aliases and has convictions in Ohio and New York for thefts and robberies," Prem said. "He's done just about everything a person can do to avoid justice. He feigned (mental) incompetence" leading up to this trial, Prem said.

Orr was ordered to trial after court mental health workers deemed him mentally sound and a faker. I'm completely convinced his whole goal here is to cause as much mayhem as he can," Prem said of Orr. Aubin will have jail workers again check Orr's mental health before continuing the trial Wednesday. No additional charges were filed against Orr after Wednesday's courtroom activity.

Orr was being tried for robbery and kidnapping charges after officials said Orr and a partner tried to get money, in a ruse, from a woman buying food at a Silverton Chinese restaurant. When the woman wasn't fooled, Orr is accused of pulling a gun on her - with her three children in the car outside - and taking her to a bank where she was forced to withdraw $1,000 and give it to Orr. He faces more than 60 years in prison on those charges.

"Travelers" held in Iran

Yeah, these three travelers share something alright, a profound stupidity worthy of being selected against by evolution...

Who in their right mind thinks that hiking along the Iran/Iraq border as an American is advisable?


Seriously, I have no compassion for these idiots. Iran can keep em as far as I'm concerned.

Irony at it's finest.

Creepy "Support the Minutemen" sticker: $0 (at the gun show). Mindless "Support the Troops" magnetic ribbon: $1.50 (plus trillions for the war you probably supported). Misspelling the central concept in your sad right-wing rant on language: Priceless!

New Channel - *Fail

I was wondering what the sift collective thought about a new *fail channel? In recent months its become more apparant that people doing stupid dangerous things to themselves or others is definitely eia channel content - but people doing the classic *fail - anything from politics to kids - is having to put up with a simple tag.

No more I say! We need a *fail channel! And I want to make it

Also recently EIA is also taking in more serious videos regarding Darwinian content and science on evolution - so this would be a nice separation of science and stupid.

So, what is snuff and what isn't?

I'm a bit disturbed that we're seeing more videos of fatal accidents on the sift of late. And not just in the unsifted queue, but videos that get past the bar and into the "main" sift. Just today I stumbled over a traffic accident and skydiving accident, and this finally bugged me into action.

In my opinion these concrete examples are snuff; but apparently my fellow sifters think otherwise. So I have to ask: when is someone dying on video snuff? Do you have to see a body? Before or after the event? Does blood have to splatter? Bodyparts have to fly?

These questions are only semi-rhetorical. For me, seeing a car being flattened by a truck and knowing that there were people in there and you are witnessing their exitus (and hopefully not munching cheetos and posting 'cool' comments) is a rather disconcerting situation for me. I don't need to see it happening up close, merely knowing that someone in there has a split second to think "ohshitohshitohshit" is enough...

My perception may be a bit skewed since I got to give first aid in a car crash 15 years back, sensitizeing me a bit to that kind of situation.

And so I put the question to you: What is snuff and what is acceptable in the community on the sift?

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