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Part-time insomniac.

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lucky760 says...

Thanks very much for the detailed feedback.

I don't really think I'm going to do anything with it. My first idea was just that maybe I'd put up a page where I put a video every day. But now I've built what I think is a pretty slick, minimalist interface for viewing playlists that could be cool for sharing a list of videos with others.

Maybe it could even be turned into the default VS playlist player. Hmm...

mintbbb said:

Very cool! Is there a way to sort the videos? I will probably have to spend the rest of the day watching these, some of my favorites up there!.

If I could ever get my YT bookmarks sorted out, I'd request a list for funny doggie videos (I bookmark way too much stuff and then can never find anything.. this is a great way to keep tabs of your favorites!)

siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your ability to discover new, unknown videos has earned you your "Talent Scout" Level 59 Badge!

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