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Birthdate: May 7th, 1981 (34 years old)
A little about me...
I was only trying to establish a strong "dairy presence" in the neighborhood.

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radx says...

I just remembered two great examples (turn off your audio unless you enjoy obnoxious music):

During the Supercup in 2013, Neuer spent nearly the entire second half of overtime in Chelsea's half of the pitch. Here's one of his successful interceptions/clearances, 114th minute, Chelsea up 2-1:

Sometimes, his clearance falls short and comes back to haunt him:

MilkmanDan said:

Thanks for the explanation!

siftbot says...

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 6 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

eric3579 says...

Odd ive used my vpn and seems everywhere seems to work although i dont have one specific to Thailand. Singapore is the closest my vpn connects through.

MilkmanDan said:

Couldn't get any of the embeds to work ..

PlayhousePals says...

oh no ... I hadn't thought of that.

He's fortunate to be so multi faceted. And, as he indicated, he has a boatload of comedic relief from all of the people he knows. That will certainly come in handy [oops, sorry] utilizing the 'laughter is the best medicine' theory.

What a shitty summer break, huh?

MilkmanDan said:

I know he plays guitar, and that would be his fret hand -- hope he can get back to 100% there. I find playing an instrument to be a great way to keep in a positive mental state after being sick or injured.

oritteropo says...

As I heard it, the problem is that some people will tend to slam on the brakes on an orange light when they see a red light camera and then get rear ended.

I admit to only briefly perusing the list, but the descriptions on some of the links mention a similar conclusion.

MilkmanDan said:

Man, that makes zero sense to me ... but thanks for providing links to studies, because all I've got to back up my tendency towards skepticism of the idea is gut feeling plus personal anecdotes.

Weird, wild stuff.

oritteropo says...

Hi @MilkmanDan, Get voters for the video by hovering your mouse over the number (desktop version) or clicking (mobile version).

MilkmanDan said:


I tried to figure out where to see "who voted for this video", currently under the comment entry box. I can't find that information in beta UI. I must admit that the current location isn't particularly logical, but I know to look for it there and I can't find it at all in the beta.


eric3579 says...

fyi - Scroll over #of votes to see pop up of who voted for the video

Thanks for chiming in. I pretty much agree with you on all points.

siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your comment on Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show. has just received enough votes from the community to earn you 1 Power Point. Thank you for your quality contribution to VideoSift.

oritteropo says...

They might not be that close together, but the distance from Bangkok to either NYC or Topeka KS is almost the same You just head in opposite directions for the shortest path.

MilkmanDan said:

Yeah, I actually get quite a bit of novelty seeking attention here in Thailand, even as a nerdy white dude.

Where are you from?
Is that close to New York?

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